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V June 25
> The Supreme Court unanimously gets it right on cell phone privacy
> Did they get it right in ABC v Aereo, too?
> ADL calls BS on Gary Oldman’s apology for apologizing for anti-semitism
> Meet Welfare Queen Jenny Beth Martin: Tea Party Patriot set to take in $450k this year
> Where to Hear Sam Today 12-3 ET (Will Update)
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V Tom Friedman says Suck on This. Sam says it back to him.
* Tom Friedman tells the people of Iraq (or whoever) to Suck On This.
* Sam passive-aggressively confronts Tom on MSNBC. Tom isn’t sure what just happened. Stares at Sam.
> Matt Miller was full of crap on Iraq
> Boehner says no to Unemployment Benefit Extension
> NSA Lawyer insists tech companies knew about surveillance programs
> But Dept of Defense Inspector General says he knew nothing of the program
> Paul Ryan would’ve favored the potato famine that pushed his family out of Ireland
> Jared Bernstein: helping the poor is an investment, not charity
> NY State Senate falls just short of passing DREAM Act
> “Thank God for ObamaCare!”, Republican says to Scott Brown
> South Dakota lawmaker wants to protect race-based discrimination
> Crazy lady wins GOP Primary for Illinois 9th District
> Top 50 US Firms hoarding $889 Billion overseas
> Touré has nothing to say in support of Hillary
> NASA-funded climate report: complex civilizations can collapse
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